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Jewelry metal guide - a quick overview

Posted in Jewelry 101 on July 26, 2020

jewelry metals guide showing jewelry in jewelry store

In this jewelry metal guide we cover the most common materials there are compare them in the end. There are many materials to choose from when buying jewelry and making smart consumer choices, this is for your own satisfaction and meeting your expectations. Imagine buying a golden ring just to later discover that it’s not what you like and it’s not as scratch-proof as you thought. This is why gold is often combined with other Read More »

All you need to know about diamond 4c's

Posted in Jewelry 101 on July 23, 2020

round diamond with brilliance cut

When buying a piece of diamond jewelry it’s worth knowing four important things about them: clarity, cut, carat weight, and color also called diamond 4c’s. I remember when I bought my first diamond earrings and how overwhelmed I was at first. Countless of hours searching on the web and consulting with the shop clerks, I was afraid of getting ripped off. I always think it’s better to be cautious that later regret your actions. I Read More »

4 ways to prevent nickel allergy

Posted in Jewelry Education on June 11, 2020

a pair of blue earrings

I'm often asked what is the most common cause of nickel allergy, the answer is ear piercings. Its simple to prevent nickel allergy. But there are some important things to keep in mind if your child wants a piercing. Getting a piercing is not a trivial decision, you and your child should understand the risks. Some possible consequences are for example infection, nickel allergy, scarring, and long-term cosmetic issues.  To minimize the risks, a reputable Read More »

Best earrings for your face shape

Posted in Jewelry Education on June 8, 2020

picture of a woman wearing long earrings

When choosing earrings the shape of your face matters and earrings are a great way to play with proportions. Today I will write about which earrings are the best for your face shape. There are six face shapes: oval, square, round, heart, diamond, and pear. To know which earrings are for you you first need to know what shape is your face, keep reading to find out. Do you already know your face shape? The Read More »

The Ultimate Guide to Rings

Posted in Jewelry 101 on June 8, 2020

thumbnail picture of containing 3 rings

In modern society, rings are the most common type of jewelry among men and women. In this guide to rings, our aim is to give you the basics. A ring is a circular gold, silver, or some other high-quality material banded together, that is worn on a finger. Whether it is to display wealth, high status, or authority. Most often used for symbolic functions concerning marriage. A ring is almost always made of hard material: Read More »